Basic Guidelines to Observe in Dementia Care


Life has never been the same after patients receive the diagnosis of their medical condition. It signified the beginning of various challenges that they must face. Whether they like it or not, this is the reality of their situation. It holds especially true with senior health care in Minnesota and other areas. Seniors are at greater risk for health problems.

Health deterioration is the biggest reason behind the dilemma of older adults, regardless if they are at home or in an assisted living home. Unfortunately, health decline affects all aspects of wellness. It doesn’t only affect physical health but as well as mental wellness. As a result, seniors experience mental problems. A concrete example of this is dementia. A majority of the senior population has been diagnosed with this progressive condition.

Dementia is a mental condition characterized by the impairment of memory, thinking, and other cognitive skills. Because this is progressive, it is most likely to worsen as time goes by. Dementia doesn’t only affect cognitive functions but as well as physical skills. It is the reason why dementia patients struggle in doing ADLs in Minnesota. For their safety, they must get assistance from others.

If you ever have to assist a dementia patient, be sure to take note of these protocols:

  • Match the patient’s pace.
  • Practice efficient time management.
  • Get a better understanding of dementia.
  • Value the patient’s opinions and preferences.
  • Be concise in communicating with the patient.

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